Fotka 2013-05-03 23.25.48In 1822 the new main road was finished that changed the direction of the old Stará poštovní, with her the count Jan Filip Stadion built the current Forsthaus. This Forsthaus had the forester Karel Vokurka and has built for itself, directly under the forestry house, a ground floor house, which was later converted into a business and which he later sold the Germans Fleischmann, forest workers in Capartice, nicknamed “Price” had, why the economy came to be called “U Presu”.

• Of the Fleischmann inherit this economic bought the grandson of the founder Karel Vokurka, the forester in Pec and has rebuilt in the those of the present Hotel, which has a temporary accommodation of 31 rooms.

The hotel Výhledy offers accommodation capacity of 65 beds in cozy rooms with sanitary facilities. Rooms are mostly doubles. Thanks to its location it offers excellent conditions for a family holiday, company – and school stays. It is located in the heart of the Upper Chodsko – Chodsko, surrounded by nature of the Bohemian Forest – Český les.Fotka 2013-05-03 23.26.26

Among the most visited places in the museum of the Chodsko belongs J. Š. Baara in Klenčí pod Čerchovem and many more. Others prefer the tranquility of the deep forests, from which the highest mountain of the Bohemian Forest Čerchov projects (1042 m). The Monument of J. Š. Baara on Výhledy, located 300 m above our hotel. In good weather you can see him from all over Domazlice, but also Kdyně, Klatovy and a large part of Bavaria. For arranging business events and seminars, we have two small saloons. We also offer the technical equipment on (TV, video, Internet, board, canvas). The hotel is easily accessible via the main road.

This hotel also has a number of important guests visited who lodged here Renáta Tyrsova, music composer Karel Hoffmeister, writer Vladimir Páral and many more.

Počasí Klenčí pod Čerchovem - Sluneč

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